How it works

Clients Choose

A service of product through various websites and partnerships. They leave an enquiry on the various forms of their choice. Once the request is received it is sent to our secure and superior verification and confirmation department.

We Verify

That the client's information is correct and that they have chosen the right product or service for their needs. Our process is very thorough as we ask every question necessary to make sure that you and your company does not waste time and money by calling bad leads.

You Decide

After looking at the detailed information if the Lead suits your business model and the area that The lead comes from, you can then make an informed decision as to the quality of the potential client. If you are happy with the detailed description you simply decide what your next move is.

Easy Purchase

Is made by clicking on the link that you have received either on an email or SMS. There are no other fees of any kind except for the chosen lead. You will not be charged any set up costs, ongoing costs or any other fees at all except for the cost of the chosen lead. That's it. Simple and Easy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.